Posted on: November 17, 2008 5:57 pm

This is my first top ten list for everyday use.

    My opening top ten list will concern my favorite types and brands of Liquor. We as sports fans like to have a drink to celebrate a huge win or a bottle to crawl into when our team gives up the unexpected or season changing loss. I will be posting my top ten list and will take request and suggestions for future list. Well here is the first.

  1. Crown Royal Special Reserve-I enjoy it on the rocks and is great in social situations. Don't let your retarded cousin or lowbrow friends mix this with coke. Go buy your own cheap crap for that.
  2. Gentleman Jack Daniels-Much like Crown Royal, it deserves to be enjoyed on the rocks or neat.
  3. Chopin Vodka-While I do think that Vodka is a liquor that usually needs to be in a mixer. Chopin is undoubtedly the best tasting potato based Vodka on the market. Drink it neat or in a Martini. You will not be disappointed.
  4. Southern Comfort 100-This is the first liquor on my list that I don't mind being mixed into a coke. This is also my favorite shooter.
  5. Wild Turkey 101-One of my all time favorite bar shots. This seperates the men from the eternally passed out.
  6. DiSorrono-Liquid Candy, good for when you are having an after meal drink or when you want to send something to that attractive woman staring at you from across the AA meeting.
  7. Jager Meister-My personal favorite party liquor. Forget the tumblers and shot glasses. Keep it in the fridge and just carry the bottle when ready.
  8. Rumple Minze-Great in shots on a cold night while enjoying a poker game with friends.
  9. Old No. 7 Jack Daniels-This is what you mix with Coke. Good for any occasion and enjoyed by most.
  10. Glennfiddich 15 year old Scotch-This is what you leave locked up until somebody comes over for a meeting. Great taste but price keeps it out of the party crowd.

     These are a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think and feel free to add your own list and the reasons you enjoy your favorites.

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